Position Duties

The A.S.I. Secretary/Treasurer is elected by the General Body and performs the responsibilities designated in the Board of Directors Code of Procedures which include: 1. reporting at the B.O.D. on the status of the work of the Finance Committee. 2. Ensure the accuracy of the Board of Directors minutes prior to submission for approval by the Board of Directors. 3. Keep a scrapbook of all newspaper articles and pictures relating to the Associated Students, Inc. 4. Compile files of all A.S.I. Board of Directors events and activities. 5. Notify and conduct an orientation for all appointees of positions to which they have been assigned by the Board of Directors. 6. Ensure access to the Directors by maintaining a list of office hours for each Board member. 7. Distribute and post agendas and minutes as required by law and to all relevant parties. 8. Forward resolutions that have been signed by the A.S.I. President to the parties concerned. 9. Process Grant-In-Aid requests of all A.S.I. members with the input of the President, VPA, VPAG, & VPF. 10. Keep official record of the attendance of A.S.I. members for all official required committee meetings to ensure accountability of A.S.I. members. 11. Act in the capacity of the President in the absence when the President, the Vice President for Administration, and the Vice President for Academic Governance, and the Vice President for Finance when required by Robert's Rules of Order, or when requested by the President. 12. Perform any other responsibilities that may be delegated by the President.