Student clubs and organizations can request funding from Associated Students, Inc. on a first come, first served basis. Submit the proper forms by noon the Mondays before a Finance Committee meeting: The A.S.I. Finance Committee is comprised of:

  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice Chair for Finance
  • 5 A.S.I. student representatives
  • 3 Student Representatives
  • A.S.I. Executive Director
  • A.S.I. Director of Programs & Leadership
  • Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Associate Vice President of Administration & Finance

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Vice President for Finance. The committee meets to analyze all budget requests and decides on funding allocations. They meet on alternate Fridays at noon. Please check the meeting calendar for details. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. For any other questions contact the Vice President for Finance by calling 323-343-4778.

We want to make paperwork simple for you and your student club and organization, so you can complete the necessary forms correctly the first time, and so that you will be free to get involved in your student organization's activities. We want to minimize frustration if not eliminate it altogether.

Find out more about the Funding and Budgeting for External Organizations & Departments over $5,000 contact the Vice President for Finance. A.S.I. currently offers university support funds to Anna Bing Arnold Children's Center, EOP (Educational Opportunity Program), & EPIC (Educational Participation in Communities).

For a copy of the Funding Request Form, the Request for Payment Form, or to inquire about your Funding Status, contact the Vice President for Finance.

The following documents are also available:

A.S.I. Funding Guidelines - Policy 204
ASI Direct Funding Allocation Guidelines
Download A.S.I. Logo
A.S.I. Funding Request Form
A.S.I. Request for Payment Form
2012 Multiple Club & Org Request for Funding Form and Co-sponsor Agreement
2012 Multiple Club & Org Request for Payment and Evaluation Form