As a TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) must make the appropriate organizational documents available for inspection online or for copying at the organization's main office during normal business hours. We have made our best effort to ensure that the documents posted on the web site are the most recent versions of the aforementioned documents. Links to pages containing this information have been provided below.

Annual and Quarterly Reviewed Budgets

Tax Exemption Application (Form 1023)

ASI Student Government

Articles of Incorporation document

U-SU Board of Directors

Cal State LA ASI Operating Agreement with CSU

By Laws

Administrative Manual, and Governing Documents -You can view all of ASI's essential operational procedures and documents that govern the organization.

Form 990 and Form 990-T

Latest Audited Financial Statements

Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Whistleblowing Hotline & Protection Information

Website Privacy Policy

Auxiliary Organizations of the CSU

CSU Auxiliary Organizations Audit Reports

Cal State LA ASI Operating Agreement with CSU Trustees

Human Resources Management (HRM) - Equity, Diversity& Inclusion Resources

Cal State LA Administrative Manual, CSU Executive Orders, and Auxiliary Policies and Procedures

ASI is governed by and must comply with CSU Trustee and Cal State LA policies found in the following Executive Orders,

Cal State LA Administrative Manual

CSU Executive Orders

Version 1.0 of the CSU Auxiliary Organization Compliance Guide

Local Responsibility for Student Participation in Policy Development - AA-2009-2

CSU Auxiliary Organization Sound Business Practice Guidelines

2002 Compilation of Policies and Procedures for CSU Auxiliary Organizations

Article 1.5. Gloria Romero Open Meetings Act of 2000

Gloria Romero Open Meetings Act of 2000 - Abbreviated

ASI Guidelines for Public Records Access

Direct Your Requests to the ASI President. At the direction of the ASI President the ASI Executive Director or staff designees will facilitate the response to public records requests. Mail your request to Intef W. Weser, Executive Director, Associated Students, Inc., 5154 State University Dr. U-SU 203, Los Angeles, CA 90032 or call for questions call 323-343-4778.

Records Defined

"Records" include any writing owned, used or maintained by the department in the conduct of its official business. Writings include information recorded or stored on paper, computers, email, or audio or visual tapes.

Identifying Records

To assist ASI staff in providing records promptly, we ask that requester's provide specific information about the records they seek. When a record cannot be identified by name, we will ask the requester to be as specific as possible in describing the record.

Inspection of Public Records

Public records maintained by ASI shall be available for inspection during the department's regular business hours. Members of the public or ASI are not required to give notice in order to inspect public records at the ASI office during normal working hours. However, if the request requires the retrieval, review, or redaction of records, this may require additional time for locating and retrieving the information (i.e. archived records). If this is the case, a mutually agreeable time will be established for inspection of the records. Requests for Financial Statements, Public Records Guidelines, and department publications, usually can be provided quickly via our website at .

Processing Requests for Copies of Records

When a copy of a record is requested, and the record cannot be produced immediately, the ASI Administrative Office in conjunction with the ASI President will determine within 10 business calendar days after receipt of the request, whether it can comply with the request. If the ASI Administrative Office cannot meet the 10-day requirement, she/he shall promptly inform the requester of its decision and the reasons for the decision. The initial 10-day period may be extended for up to an additional 14 days, if the department is required to consult with another agency having a substantial interest in the request; if additional time is needed to search for documents from field locations; or if the request is voluminous, etc.

The ASI Administrative Office will provide requested records as soon as possible. If immediate disclosure is not possible, the department will provide an estimated date when the records will be available.

Copying Fees

Currently, the ASI Administrative Office charges only the direct cost of duplication when it provides copies of hardcopy records to the public. The cost per copy for a hardcopy is $.0.20 cents per page. Records are not to be released until the cost of duplicaiton has been paid.

For additional questions please give the ASI Administrative Office a call at 323-343-4778 between the hours of 8 am - 5 pm.

The copy of the Form 990 will not include the schedule of Schedule A excess contributors or the Schedule B names and addresses of contributors.

ASI will make best efforts to ensure that the Forms 990 and 990-T held at our main office are the most updated versions of such. For example, in the instance where a Form 990 has been amended, the amended version of the Form 990 or Form 990-T should be the one available for public inspection. When responding to a public inspection request for any organizational document or Form 990 (including Form 990-T) by anyone, the ASI shall fulfill such request in a timely fashion without inquiring as to the reason for the public inspection request.