If you need to know more information regarding the duties of the various full time staff members please review the attached job descriptions.

Professional staff are evaluated on an mid-year and annual basis. The ASI Board of Directors evaluates the performance of the Executive Director as well as provides input regarding the performance of professional staff to the Executive Director.

The deadline for submission of Executive Director Mid-Year evaluation is Thursday, October 18 at 5 pm. Please submit your evaluation to Susan L. Varela, Associate Vice President of Human Resources Management - Administration Building 6th Floor - Adm 606

You can pick up a campus envelope from the ASI front desk and walk it over to Adm 606.

Please fill out the Performance Evaluation for each ASI Professional Staff members and submit to the Executive Director by Thursday, October 18 at 5 pm.

You can view Policy 106 Performance Appraisal for more details on the process.

Below you will find the varous documents and job descriptions.


Last modified on January 29, 2020