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First Friday of Month; noon - 2:35 pm
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About Committee

Chair: Dr. Jose Gomez

Recording Secretary: Pending

The policy-making responsibility for the UAS is vested with the Board of Directors. The 13 members of the Board of Directors represent a cross section of the campus community and include the President of the University, two senior University administrators, two staff members, three faculty members, three student members, and two public members from the community.

ASI Goals and Expectations

  • Assist with the management of campus corporate and commercial affairs on campus that benefit student success.
  • Student representation on the board will work to ensure affordable and nutritious food options are made available campus wide.


Last modified on September 12, 2018

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    University Auxiliary Services Board (UAS) - Committee Member
  • Aaron Castaneda
    University Auxiliary Services Board (UAS) - Committee Member - ASI President or Designee