Position Duties

The Associate Justice attends all JRC Meetings and attends all By-Laws and Codes of Procedures Subcommittee Meetings. Determine at the beginning of each quarter, the time, the day, and place for all regular meetings of the committee (convenient for the faculty member). They rotate attendance at Board of Director meetings, as prescribed by the Chief Justice or designated member, JRC must serve as non-voting ex-officio members to the Board of Directors. Judicial Review Committee ("JRC") reviews, upon appeal, decisions of the Board of Directors involving interpretations of the Articles of Incorporation , the Bylaws, and the Codes of Procedures. Additionally, the JRC declares all A.S.I. elections results, hears all alleged violations of rules and regulations, and resolves relative grievances between member of the Associated Students, Inc. and the A.S.I. Board of Directors. The JRC has the power to declare null and void only actions that are contrary to the Articles of Incorporation, or the Bylaws of the Associated Students, Inc. (A.S.I. Bylaws Article IX).