The Public Relations & Marketing Commissioner is a part of the Cabinet of Commissioners, which is a representative body responsible for the coordination and planning of all ASI activities and/or programs. They invest at least ten (10) hours per week in ASI activities; attend all mandatory Cabinet of Commissioner meetings and bi-weekly Fridays (see ASI Calendared Meetings for details); maintain a written log of his or her individual ASI related activities; and assist in all other activities and programs within the Office of the Vice President for Administration. The Public Relations & Marketing Commissioner shall:

  • Notify the Cal State LA community and student organizations of all ASI events.
  • Ensure the implementation of the ASI Marketing and Distribution Plan with the support of ASI Staff
  • Work with established collaborations (e.g. University Public Relations, UT, the Cal State LA Marketing Club, and the Department of Communication).
  • Coordinate the Eagle Eye Newsletter committee.
  • Be aware of campus policies, sources of information, and media outlets (e.g. electronic marquees and kiosks, the Housing Channel, and online social media communities).
  • Assist with the coordination of the ASI Marketing and Branding committee.
  • Act as a facilitator for Homecoming programming promotion within ASI.
  • Support, participate, and contribute to all other programs and functions under the Vice President for Administration and Cabinet of Commissioners.

Committee Member