As you navigate through your tenure, please use these materials to better your operation and service provided to the students of Cal State LA.


A.S.I. Position Descriptions & Task Logs

Below you will find the position descriptions and task logs for the major positions in A.S.I.


A.S.I. President

A.S.I. Vice President for Administration

Vice President for Academic Governance

Vice President for Finance

Vice President for External Affairs & Advancement


College Representative (A&L, B&E, Charter College of Edu, ECS&T, HHS, and NSS)

Representative at Large (Campus & Commuity)

Academic Senator Undergraduate & Graduate

Chief Justice

Associate Justice

Commissioner (Spirit, Environmental, Election & Orientation, Veterans Affairs, Housing, & PR & Marketing)


Programming and Lobbying Resources


Committee Member Resources

Committee Member Responsibilities and Duties

Robert's Rules Training

Robert's Rules Terms

Robert's Rules Sample Agenda

Training Resources