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The Cabinet of Commissioners of the Associated Students, Incorporated (A.S.I.) of California State University, Los Angeles will
A. Plan the activities of the administrative units of A.S.I., which include:

  • 1. The A.S.I. Elections
  • 2. Advocacy & Outreach
  • 3. Public Relations
  • 4. Spirit & Pride Initiatives
  • 5. Housing Support Initiatives

B. All actions of the C.O.C must be reported to the Board of Directors (B.O.D.). On receiving report
of the actions taken, the B.O.D may decide to reconsider the directives of the C.O.C

What is the composition of the A.S.I. Cabinet of Commissioners:

The committee shall be composed of seven (6) voting and three (3) non-voting members.

  • A.S.I. Vice President for Administration (VPA), who serves as chair
  • A.S.I. Housing Commissioner
  • A.S.I. Environmental Affairs Commissioner
  • A.S.I. Public Relations & Marketing Commissioner
  • A.S.I. Elections & Orientation Commissioner
  • A.S.I. Spirit Commissioner
  • A.S.I. Veterans Affairs Commissioner
  • Director of Programs and Leadership or designee (non-voting)
  • Program Coordinator (non-voting)
  • Program Advisor (non-voting)
Last modified on September 29, 2017

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Committee Members

  • David Garcia
    Vice President for Administration
    (323) 343-4778
  • Adriana Navarrete
    Elections and Orientation Commissioner
    (323) 343-4778
  • Valerie Kryger
    Environmental Affairs Commissioner
  • Housing and Residence Life Representative
  • Maximiliano Fernandez
    Public Relations & Outreach Commissioner
  • Diana Pineda
    Spirit Commissioner
  • Marcus Rodriguez
    Director of Government Affairs & Leadership Programs