A.S.I. General Election:

A.S.I. General Elections are held each year during the Spring quarter. During this time, executive officers, college representatives, campus affairs, community affairs, and academic senators are elected to serve as your student government representatives.

If a candidate is interested in pre-campaigning they must submit an Letter of Intent to Run for Office Contract to the A.S.I. Administrative Office, U-SU 203 front desk.


Are you interested in running for a position?
Attend a "So, You Want to Run" Election Workshop


Fall Dates Location Time
Tuesday, Nov 17 U-SU San Gabriel Rm 3:20 pm
Winter Dates Location Time
Wednesday, Jan 20 U-SU El Monte Rm 311 3:20pm
Thursday, Feb 18 U-SU El Monte Rm, 311 5:20pm
Online applications for 2016 General Election will be available
Monday, January 4, 2016 at 9am

Are you interested in working for the Election Committee?

We are currently looking for students to be appointed to the Election Committee.
Apply Here https://asicalstatela.org/apply

For more information contact the A.S.I. Elections and Orientation Commissioner by emailing or by calling the A.S.I. Administrative Office at (323) 343-4778.