Position Duties

The College Representatives serve on the A.S.I. Board of Directors. Each Academic Colleges at Cal State LA have two representatives, as a voting member of the Board of Directors, the Charter College of Education Representative acts as the liaison between the College then represent and A.S.I. In acting as the liaison, they actively search for the College issues that affect students, prioritize those issues, and present them to A.S.I. Board for solution-oriented a answer, which then leads to action. They are the official representative of your College. In addition to the larger issues, a College Representative must be available to deal with the individual needs and concerns of the students. Overall, the College Representative is at the service of the College they represent and the students within; therefore, the position requires impartiality and openness. Actively seek out the opinions, needs, and desires of the student body at large. Chair and/or serve on at least one standing committee. Perform other tasks as requested by the Board of Director's. Actively participate in A.S.I. activities and programs. Be familiar with A.S.I. Governing Documents found online. Perform further duties as specified in the A.S.I. bylaws (Article VI, Sec. 3; Article VIII, Secs. 2-4) and the A.S.I. Codes of Procedures (Article VIII).