As a TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION Associated Students, Inc. (A.S.I.) must make the appropriate organizational documents available for inspection online or for copying at the organization's main office during normal business hours. We have made our best effort to ensure that the documents posted on the web site are the most recent versions of the aforementioned documents.

A.S.I. will make best efforts to ensure that the Forms 990 and 990-T held at our main office are the most updated versions of such. For example, in the instance where a Form 990 has been amended, the amended version of the Form 990 or Form 990-T should be the one available for public inspection. When responding to a public inspection request for any organizational document or Form 990 (including Form 990-T) by anyone, the A.S.I. shall fulfill such request in a timely fashion without inquiring as to the reason for the public inspection request.

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Title Post date
A.S.I. IRS Form 990 2015 (Draft) | Annual Tax Return Jan 19 2017
A.S.I. IRS Form 990 2014 (Draft) Jan 15 2016
A.S.I. IRS Form 990 - 2009 Oct 8 2014
A.S.I. IRS Form 990 - 2010 Oct 8 2014
A.S.I. IRS Form 990 - 2011 DRAFT 3-28-13 Oct 8 2014
A.S.I. Tax Return Archive Sep 25 2014