Reviewed A.S.I. Operating Budgets

Every student pays an Associated Students, Inc student body fee as part of their basic tuition costs. The A.S.I. student body fee is $53.75 per year ($26.88 per student in the fall semester and $26.87 per student in the spring semester.). This fee supports A.S.I.'s operating costs, numerous programs, services, club funding, book vouchers, scholarships, and leadership opportunities designed to benefit and enrich student life. A.S.I.'s primary goal of serving students, means a quarterly financial reassessment of the organization's operations and fiscal commitments. This constant evaluation and reinvestment into A.S.I. enables us to serve students in new ways.

Below you will find the various budget documents for Associated Students, Inc. The Proposed Operating Budget is what A.S.I. uses to run our day to day operations.

Three times a year (every three months) we adjust our budget to accommodate any changes in our projected revenue for the academic year given we operate on quarterly headcount of each student who attends Cal State L.A. For a better understanding of our budget process please review the Budget Management Procedures & Terminology resource listed below.