What is Shared Goverance?

The purpose of Associated Students, Inc. is to ensure student input into the governance of the campus by providing an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed. Through the collective involvement of student government, the administration, and faculty, authentic shared governance can be realized.

Below you can view each committee and download the A.S.I. Shared Governance Involvement Pamphlet, for additional information, contact your A.S.I. Vice President for Academic Governance and apply today!

Board of Director Requirements

Per Policy 002 all Board of Directors are required to apply and be a member of at least one (1) of the Academic Senate or University committees (external) and a member on one (1) of the A.S.I. Standing Committees. If no A.S.I. Standing Committees have vacancies, then attendance at a chosen standing committee meeting is sufficient to fulfill the requirement. Policy 002, Article II, Section 3, B. Meetings.

Committee Involvement

Learn more about A.S.I. committees on the committee page.