Cal State LA Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) is a student run auxiliary corporation that influences and makes important decisions on campus. Whether you like to create policies, advocate for student rights, or just want to meet new people, we've got you covered. Get involved today! Explore what you're most passionate about and jump right in!

Take Your Seat at the Table

ASI offers students the opportunity to be a part of campus activism, advocacy and representation. Emerging and seasoned student leaders are encouraged to work with ASI to influence important decisions being made at Cal State LA. Having a true and measurable impact, students serving in committees or in ASI Student Government positions are empowered to present the student perspective while participating in the university shared governance process.

ASI Elected and Appointed Position Descriptions

While we encourage you refer to our Governing Policies for more robust descriptions of roles and responsibilities, we have created position descriptions that outline expectations of elected student leaders below:

How to Apply for a Position

If you are passionate about the above, please make note of the following information and steps to get involved.

Step 1: Eligibility

Are you eligible to hold a position?
Review our eligibility requirements below to make sure you meet the criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

Not eligible yet?
Become a and help support student interests! Click below to learn more:

Screaming Eagle Volunteer

Step 2: Understand Student Representative Roles

There are many types of student representatives that make up our community in ASI. Here's a brief description of each category:

Student Government Positions:

Elected/appointed representative positions which hold the most responsibility, require the most time commitment, and have greater opportunities to directly influence the organization. Student Government positions include the ASI President, Vice Presidents, Board Directors, Commissioners, Academic Senators and the Chief and Associate Justices. Click below to review meeting requirements

Review meeting requirements

*Applications for elected positions during the 2019-2020 year are now open. Go to the ASI Election page for more information.

Committee Member Positions:

Appointed representative positions are available to both general students and current ASI Student Government members. Committee members provide vital feedback to both ASI and University-wide committees in order to ensure accountability on behalf of student interests. Committee members are empowered to vote with the authority of the student voice, and are required to submit a committee report after each meeting, as well as attend the Shared Governance Council meetings. Time commitments vary by committee. Benefits of being a committee member include:

Professional Networking Opportunities
• Resume & Portfolio Building
• Leadership Development
• Positively Impacting and Influencing the future of Cal State LA
• Policy Writing & Analysis Experience
• $25 Incentive per Committee Meeting

Types of Committees:

If you'd like to become a student committee member, the types of committees which hold student representative seats are the following:

ASI Internal Committees are convened within ASI that discuss internal matters and the direction of the organization.
College Specific Committees work within each six colleges to address internal policies and department matters. You may only sit on these committees if you are a student with a declared major in that college.
Academic Senate Committees reside under the Academic Senate and consist of faculty from across all colleges working together to develop and refine educational policy for Cal State LA. Click below to learn about Academic Senate:

Academic Senate

University-Wide Committees are general committees spread throughout the university that deal with specific areas and services, such as student success fees or student grievances.

Step 3: Review Currently Open Positions

Open positions are listed at the bottom of this page according to each category. If you are interested in a position or committee, click on its name to see more information, including meeting times and charge. Please note that positions are separated by Undergraduate and Graduate student opportunities.

Questions about open positions? Contact the ASI Vice President for Academic Governance at

Step 4: Apply Now

Application Deadlines: To be considered for a position, you must apply by the Friday before an ASI Board of Directors meeting. You can view the application deadlines via this link:

Once you submit your online application, a copy will be emailed to you.

The interviewing ASI officer will contact you for an interview within five (5) business days from submission to explain the expectations and duties of the position. If this does not happen, please contact the ASI Secretary/Treasurer at or call the ASI Administrative Office at (323) 343-4778.

After your interview, you may be asked to attend the next ASI Board of Directors meeting to present yourself to the Board for a vote on your appointment to the position.

Upon appointment by the ASI Board of Directors, you will need to attend a Committee Member Orientation. Details will be shared with you after your appointment.

To apply for a position, click the button below.


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