Take Your Seat at the Table!

Through Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) emerging and seasoned student leaders are encouraged to take their seat at the table providing an opportunity, to influence important decision being made on campus. Having a true and measurable impact, students serving in committees or ASI Student Government positions are empowered to present the student perspective while participating in the Shared Governance of Cal State LA.

How to Secure Your Seat at the Table!

Cal State LA students are offered rewarding opportunities to be an integral part of the shared governance process and decision-making at Cal State LA through activism, advocacy, and representation. If you are passionate about the above, please make note of the following information and steps to get involved.


Internal ASI Standing and AD Hoc Committees take part in decisions that affect ASI directly. Most internal committees focus on strategic oversight, financial allocation of funds, leadership, and advocacy initiatives.


Academic Senate, College Specific, and University-wide Committees - Consisting of students, University faculty, staff, and/or administrators, these committees deal with campus wide issues and make recommendations regarding academic policies, budget, sustainability, and campus services.


Cal State LA A.S.I. is a student run auxiliary corporation that influences and makes important decisions on campus. Whether you like to create policies, advocate for student rights, or just want to meet new friends, we've got you covered. Get involved today! Explore what you're most passionate about and jump right in!

Please view the list of open A.S.I. student leadership positions listed below. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a student leadership position, consider becoming an A.S.I. volunteer. Also, make note of the ASI Student Government Member Meeting Requirements:

A.S.I. prides itself in being a learning laboratory-an organization that is "For the students, by the students." Therefore, we welcome all students to become a volunteer and take another step in becoming/serving as a student leader on campus.


  • Find a committee you are interested in by reviewing below.
  • Review Basic Eligibility Requirements.
  • Application Deadlines: To be considered for a position you must apply by the Friday before a Board of Directors meeting. You can view the application deadlines via this link: Application Deadlines
  • Once you submit your online application a copy will be emailed to you.
  • The interviewing officer will contact you for an interview within five (5) business days from submission. If this does not happen please contact the A.S.I. Secretary Treasurer in the Administrative Office at 323-343-4778.
  • Once you apply you will be contacted for an interview with the Vice President for Academic Governance (VPAG) or the appropriate interviewing officer. They will explain the expectations and requirements. If this does not happen please contact the A.S.I. Secretary Treasurer in the Administrative Office at 323-343-4778.
  • Upon appointment by the A.S.I. Board of Directors you will need to attend a Committee Member Orientation.


  • Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Resume & Portfolio Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Positively Impact and Influence the future of Cal State LA
  • Policy Writing & Analysis Experience
  • $25 Incentive per Committee Meeting

Open Positions

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Accepting Applications: Graduate (Current Year)

ASI Internal Committees (18)

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Accepting Applications: Undergraduate (Current Year)

ASI Internal Committees (18)

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Undergraduate (Current Year) | Apply Online
Undergraduate (Current Year) | Apply Online

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