ASI Funding in 5 Easy Steps

Student clubs and organizations can request funding from ASI on a first come, first served basis. ASI funding is on a reimbursement basis. Submit Funding Request packet by the noon deadline before the intended meeting. The semesterly deadlines can be found at  Club Funding Proposals Deadline 2023-24.


Complete mandatory funding workshop.


Submit an ASI Funding Request Packet to the ASI Office.


Present at the  meeting before your event.


Buy the approved items and have fund at your event.


Submit an RPP and a check for reimbursement will be issued.

Funding Workshop

All recognized student clubs and organizations are eligible to receive funding for their events. To access these funds, the President and Treasurer from your organization must attend a mandatory Funding Workshop to learn about ASI Funding policies and procedures. The mandatory Funding Workshop is held at ODC (Organizational Development Conference) on presence.

Funding Proposal Schedule

All Funding Request Packets need to be time stamped and submitted to the ASI Administrative Office U-SU Rm 203 to be reviewed by the committee.

Funding Process Resources

Policies & Guidelines



Additional Resources



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