ASI Vision Statement

Ignite Potential & Empower Student Voices

For the students, by the students

ASI is a non-profit student-run auxiliary. ASI is governed by a student Board of Directors who are elected each year by the student body of Cal State LA. ASI is the officially recognized voice of the students since 1959. The ASI Board of Directors is comprised of six executive members, two representatives from each of the six academic colleges, and two representatives at large that focus on specific areas such as diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement. ASI representatives continually advocate for student issues.

ASI assists in the protection of the rights and interests of individual students and provides the means for effective avenues of student input into the governance of the campus. In turn, ASI is the official avenue through which student opinion is expressed and offers an opportunity for members to gain experience in responsible political participation and community leadership. With the support of professional staff, the ASI Board of Directors sets strategic goals and policy priorities while advocating for student interests on internal and campus-wide committees.

The ASI Board of Directors and professional staff manage the day-to-day operations of the corporation providing Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff dynamic programs and services. The purpose and function of the Board of Directors is to act as:


a governing Board for the ASI.


a steward to the student funds.


a learning laboratory for student leadership.

Our Mission

Since 1952, Associated Students, Inc. has promoted the establishment of, and provided: