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Five Thursday's a Semester 3pm - 4:30pm

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About Committee

The purpose and function of the Shared Governance Council (SGC) of the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • A. Review, research and make recommendations on, but not limited to, Academic and Administrative policy affecting students.
  • B. Maintain active communication to the student body regarding but not limited to Academic and Administrative Affairs by creating resolutions, white papers, utilizing media outlets etc.
  • C. Work with all appropriate areas in order to ensure that genuine Shared Governance is being upheld between students, faculty, and administration. These areas include but are not limited to: ASI College Representatives, Department Chairs, Students, etc.
  • D. Create annual assessments for the student success fee and any student fee the council deems appropriate to ensure effective and ethical use of student fees.
  • E. Create assessments ascertaining the quality of service offered to students that the council finds appropriate.

What is the composition of the SGC?

Shared Governance Council membership:

  • A. Vice President for Academic Governance (VPAG) (chair, non-voting)
  • B. ASI Academic Senators (3 Undergraduates, 2 Post -Baccalaureates) (one of which shall be appointed vice-chair at the first or second meeting of the SGC)
  • C. Student Representatives appointed by the BOD to all University and Academic Senate Committees and Subcommittees
  • D. All official ASI Board members that are required to sit on a University or Academic Senate Committee or Subcommittee
  • E. Faculty Appointee (one faculty member selected by the Committee on Committees of the Academic Senate, non-voting committee advisor)
  • F. The Provost or the Provost's designee (non-voting committee advisor)
Last modified on September 10, 2020

Recent Meetings

Recent Reports

Academic Period Title
Spring 2018 Raul Rubio


  • Aaron Castaneda
  • Anson Noland
    Academic Senator At-Large (Undergraduate or Graduate)
    (323) 343-4778
  • Diana Chavez
    ASI President
  • Sidney Lim
    Charter College of Education Representative
  • Phoebe Wong
    Charter College of Education Representative
  • Vacant Position Icon
  • Emily Chen
    College of Arts and Letters Representative
  • Vacant Position Icon
  • Vacant Position Icon
  • Andrew Klein
    College of Business and Economics Representative
  • Diana Valdez
    College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Representative
  • Vacant Position Icon
  • Brian Nguyen
    College of Natural and Social Sciences Representative
    (323) 343-4778
  • Hope Hua
    College of Natural and Social Sciences Representative
  • Vacant Position Icon
  • Barnaby Peake
    Executive Director
  • Ruth Hernandez
    Graduate Academic Senator
  • Vacant Position Icon
    (323) 343-4778
  • Vacant Position Icon
  • Vacant Position Icon
    Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services Representative
  • Anna Nguyen
  • Jeovana Lopez
    Undergraduate Academic Senator
  • Kinsley Wang
    Undergraduate Academic Senator
  • Vacant Position Icon
    Undergraduate Academic Senator
  • Josue Montenegro
    Vice President for Finance
    (323) 343-4778