Date / Time: 

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 3:15pm to 5:45pm


U-SU Board Rm 303 AB

I. Organizational Items:

II. Public Forum:

  • a. This time is allotted to members of the public to address the board.

III. Standing Action Items:

a. Appointment for Vacant A.S.I. and Campus Committee Positions - Board of Directors will appoint individuals to the following vacant A.S.I. and student committee positions.

  • i. A.S.I. Board of Director Appointment(s)
  • ii. A.S.I. Associated Justice Appointment(s)
  • iii. A.S.I. Commissioner Appointment(s)
  • iv. A.S.I. Vice Chair for Finance
  • v. Internal Committee Appointment(s)
  • vi. University Wide Committee Appointment(s)

b. Action Item: The following club funding request has been recommended for approval to the BOD from Finance Committee on 6/30/17 - ALPFA - National Convention - 8/6-8/10, 2017 - $2,392.85

IV. Reports:

V. Special Presentation:

VI. Discussion:

VII. Old Business:

VIII. Information Items:

IX. Adjournment:

Current Chair

David Zitser
ASI President
Last modified on July 24, 2017

Regularly Meets On: 

Thursdays from 3:30pm to 6:00pm

Standard Location: 

U-SU Board Rm. 303AB
*Please check meeting list to confirm times and locations

About Committee

The purposes and function of the Board of Directors (BOD) shall:

  1. Act as a governing board for the ASI
  2. Act as a steward to the student funds
  3. Act as a learning laboratory for student leadership

The Board of Directors shall consist of the following directors elected by the Cal State LA student body, as specified in Article IV of the ASI Bylaws.

  • ASI President
  • ASI Vice President for Administration (VPA)
  • ASI Vice President for Finance (VPF)
  • ASI Vice President for Academic Governance (VPAG)
  • ASI Vice President for External Affairs and Advancement (VPEAA)
  • ASI Secretary/Treasurer
  • ASI Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Representative-at-Large
  • ASI Civic Engagement Officer - Representative-at-Large
  • Two (2) College of Arts & Letters Representatives
  • Two (2) College of Business & Economics Representatives
  • Two (2) Charter College of Education Representatives
  • Two (2) College of Engineering, Computer Science, & Technology Representatives
  • Two (2) Rongxiang Xu College of Health & Human Services Representatives
  • Two (2) College of Natural & Social Sciences Representatives

For more information regarding the role and function of the Board of Directors please review Policy 002 - Board of Directors Code of Procedure via this LINK.

Last modified on December 3, 2017

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