New Student Involvement & Representation Fee

$2/term effective Fall 2015

Starting in the Fall 2015 term there will be a new $2 per term student fee, Student Involvement and Representation Fee, assessed to each student on a voluntary basis - allowing you the choice to opt-out. The $2 contribution ensures that CSU students have a say on tuition, financial aid, student services, course availability, and academic advising.

Your elected student leaders oversee involvement and representation dollars through the California State Student Association (CSSA). CSSA is the official student voice at the university system, state, and federal level. In addition to supporting student representation, your contribution increases opportunities for students to acquire relevant career skills, apply for scholarships, participate in internships, and advocate on issues that are important to you.

Instructions for Opting Out can be viewed here.

If you would like to learn more about SIRF and why the California State Student Association believes it helps students then click here


Last modified on June 6, 2023