On November 29, 2018 the CSU leadership met with CSSA Executive Officers to discuss a potential tuition increase as part of the CSU budget development process. According to AB-1307 Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act, CSU leaders must consult CSSA prior to proposing increases on mandatory systemwide fees.

During this discussion with CSU leadership, CSSA executive officers brought up a number of concerns with the proposal. We explained our concerns regarding the use of the anticipated revenues generated, the effects a tuition increase would have on historically underrepresented student populations, discretionary compensation increases, and the lack of alternative options to increased tuition.

Although the CSU is anticipating full funding from the state, the tuition proposal will come before the CSU Board of Trustees as an information item during the January 22-23rd plenary meeting. With a newly elected governor set to take office in January, it is too early to determine Governor-Elect Newsom's budget initiatives and contributions towards the CSU. We have invited representatives from CSU leadership to attend our January CSSA plenary meeting in San Diego to discuss the tuition proposal and answer questions that you may have.

As outlined in our 2018-19 CSSA Public Policy Agenda, we are in support of an accessible and affordable education through the CSU, and the Executive team sees this proposal as a counter to our organization's priorities. We plan on continuing the conversation with Chancellor's Office leadership and elected officials to negate the need for a tuition increase while addressing reforms to state financial aid mechanisms for our students. As always, we encourage you to share this important information with your constituents and to continue being engaged with CSSA and the Board of Trustees.

In Solidarity and Service,

Mia Kagianas & Joe Nino
CSSA President & CSSA Chair

If you have have any questions or comments, please direct them to:

Veronica Garcia-Martinez
ASI Vice President for External Affairs and Advancement

Last modified on December 18, 2018