LOS ANGELES, CA, June 25, 2019 - The audit findings released last week by the California State Auditor's Office show a glaring hole in transparency between the California State University (CSU) and its stakeholders, which include the CA State Legislature, faculty, staff, and students. This is especially worrisome, as it is our understanding that students were victims of tuition increases that directly contributed to a $1.5 billion CSU surplus.

As students, we deserve a high-quality education, free from financial barriers. Yet, this report indicates that the CSU was not straightforward during the 2016-2017 academic year when the only options presented to students were a tuition increase or the cutting of vital support programs for the following year. As an ASI President, I find it incredibly alarming and extremely disappointing that the CSU failed to disclose information regarding a substantial surplus during this critical discussion.

In regards to the inadequate investment in alternatives to costly parking facilities, Cal State LA was not studied during the audit. However, the findings from four other campuses show that newly built parking structures have significantly increased student parking permit fees, while also incurring long-term debt that is directly passed on to students. This is quite troubling and I will be working with Parking & Transportation to ensure we do not encounter the same issues here. In turn, we will examine the current Cal State LA student parking permit fee increase schedule approved by the University President through fiscal year 2021.

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Aaron Castaneda
Associated Students, Incorporated
California State University, Los Angeles


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Last modified on August 23, 2019