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Mondays - Weekly, 1:40pm-2:55pm
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About Committee

Chair: Sharon Ulanoff

Executive Secretary: Michael Caldwell

Recording Secretary: Delmy Ruiz x3-3810

The Faculty Policy Committee has the following responsibilities:

1. To recommend policy to the Academic Senate on all matters concerning the faculty that are not specifically reserved to the bargaining agent. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • a. The committee shall develop policies and review procedures for faculty development programs, including grants, awards, publications and research.
  • b. The committee shall deal with any personnel* matter that may be assigned to it by the President or the Academic Senate.
  • c. The committee shall review the appointment, retention, tenure and promotion documents of each college and department/division/school after the ratification of each contract.
  • d. The committee shall develop policy dealing with faculty participation in filling academic administrative positions.
  • e. The committee shall develop and review policy dealing with sabbatical and other leaves.

2. To review the collective bargaining agreement and all of its later modifications in order to be able to inform the Academic Senate of any conflicts between the Agreement and University policy as developed under the laws of the State of California.

3. To monitor the status and effectiveness of faculty hiring in the University, including the full-time/part-time ratio and the projected need for full-time faculty, and recommending policy, if needed, to alleviate problems.

4. To recommend policy in accordance with the University's commitment to equity and diversity.

5. The committee shall promote the University's commitment to equity and diversity, defined here as a commitment to maintaining a University environment in which a diverse population can learn, work, and live in an atmosphere of tolerance, civility and respect. The committee will review recruitment, selection, retention, tenure and promotion procedures as they relate to equity and diversity. The committee shall advise the Director of Equity and Diversity on matters concerning equity and diversity goals and policies.

6. To monitor the effect on the faculty of the strategic planning process.

ASI Committee Goals and Expectations

  • To recommend policies to ensure the most beneficial interaction between students and faculty as it relates to instruction and research collaboration
  • Develop policies that promote diversity and equity amongst faculty at Cal State LA
  • Develop policies that encourage the retention of highly qualified faculty
Last modified on June 6, 2023

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