The ASI Logo

The Associated Students, Inc. Logo is the main branding piece that represents the student government of Cal State LA. The logo is intended to be use for communications or publications that represent ASI as a whole, including but not limited to events, brochures, powerpoints, presentations, and any other promotional or marketing material. Maintaining the integrity of the logo is important, therefore the logo cannot be alter in any way shape or form.

ASI Staff & Members only.

Please scale the image according to its proportions for ASI branding integrity. The images found below can be scale down to fit your document but can't be enlarge further. If you need a working eps file please contact the ASI Graphics & Marketing Coordinator.

ASI Logo With Name

ASI Official B&W Logo

File: PNG
Size: 49kb
Dimensions: 1801px (width) 1201px (height

For use by ASI personnel.

ASI Official Logo




ASI Logo No Name

ASI Black Mark

File: PNG
Size: 41kb
Dimensions: 1800px (w) 1200px(h)

ASI Black Mark




Gold ASI Logo

ASI Gold Mark

File: PNG
Size: 40kb
Dimensions: 1800px (w) 1200px(h)

ASI Gold Logo



ASI Logo Grey

ASI Grey Mark

File: PNG
Size: 40kb
Dimensions: 1800px (w) 1200px(h)

ASI Grey Logo



ASI Seal

File: PNG
Size: 167kb
Dimensions: 1700px (w) 1700px(h)

The ASI Seal is for official used only. Permission to use the seal must be obtained from ASI Graphics & Marketing Coordinator.


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