Gus Salazar // Director of Graphics + Marketing

As a highly experienced Creative Director with high accomplishments in the education and non-profit sectors, Gus brings a distinctive blend of technical skills and creative vision to every project he undertakes. His keen eye for data analysis and influential trends gives him unique insights that allow him to make informed decisions to implement successful marketing initiatives and adjustments. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Gus masterfully reflects a powerful intersection between design and storytelling and its role in capturing students' attention and enhancing their college experience. 

His passion for the student experience extends beyond the design realm. Gus has demonstrated he can lead cross-functional teams while managing complex projects to produce practical and meaningful work. As a skilled communicator, he effectively collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and partners, bringing their ideas to fruition. He fully understands and thrives in collaborations and pursues to create relevant and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Whether working on a print campaign, developing a new website, or creating social media content, equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice (EDIJ) is a top priority. Gus views every project with an EDIJ lens, always striving to showcase it beyond design, strategically targeting folks that may benefit from the content. 

Design Leader Credential