The ASI Program Coordinator is responsible for the oversight and coordination of ASI’s co-curricular
programming agenda. The Coordinator trains, mentors, and guides student government leaders
with their planned activities and provides leadership in the creation and execution of events and
activities that meet the mission and goals of ASI. The focus of the programming includes academic,
social, cultural, wellness, and leadership development. The Coordinator serves as ASI’s primary
event manager and is responsible for the coordination of logistics prior to the event, as well as
providing management oversight during and after the program. The position requires independent
judgment and action during events and is responsible for the safety of student participants.
The Program Coordinator is a member of the full-time staff of ASI and provides support to the overall
administrative functions for the organization, while actively collaborating with the academic
departments, the Division of Student Life, including student organizations, the University-Student
Union, the Center for Student Involvement, the Cross Cultural Centers, Student Health Center, and
other programming departments on and off campus.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Two (2) years professional work experience in student services and/or program planning.
  • Ability to work with ethnically diverse and culturally pluralistic student body and staff.
  • Creativity, high motivation, organization, and coordination abilities.
  • Knowledge of and skill in budgeting, fiscal management, and reporting.
  • Experience with event planning and risk management and mitigation, as well as insurance
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to motivate, advise, and work closely with college students.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the principles of student development.
  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully with students, professionals, and administration.
  • Experience with computer applications and software , such as MS Office.


  • Masters degree in Counseling, Student Development/Student Personnel, or Higher Education
    is preferred and may be substituted for one year of experience.
  • Contract negotiation and execution experience.
  • Experience in training and development.
  • Experience in evaluation, assessment, and data analysis.


  • Program Management

            o Coordinate ASI’s signature programs and serve as a liaison to campus-wide event
               planning committees.
            o Maintain ASI’s event database that tracks event details (such as reservations, contracts,
               budget, attendance, and outreach).
            o Evaluate program effectiveness and report on program outcomes regularly.
            o Review and approve all event logistics details to ensure accuracy.
            o Manage the programming budget and financial paperwork for ASI’s events and work
               closely with the Associate Executive Director for accurate reporting and documenting
               of expenditures, contracts, and revenue.
            o Serve as the primary contact for hired vendors and performers involved with ASI
               programs, initiate offers and contract negotiations, and see contract terms are met
               through the execution of the program.
            o Instill and reinforce procedures through the oversight of events and create an
               environment that is safe and welcoming for all student participants.
            o Provide excellent customer service with knowledgeable, accurate, and courteous
               support to students, University administrators, faculty, guests, and partners.
            o Support the Director of Graphics and Marketing with the promotion of ASI’s programs
               and events.
            o Provide leadership for collaborative programming opportunities between ASI,
               University departments, and community organizations.
            o Assist the Executive Director with the coordination and direction of the Alternative
               Break study abroad program.

  • Advising and Leadership Development

            o Advise, coach, and mentor student programmers and student leaders.
            o Assist in the development and oversight of the training of new student leaders and
            o Oversee the recruitment of volunteers for ASI.
            o Advise and provide support to ASI standing and ad hoc committees.
            o Assist with facilitation and logistics of leadership trainings, events, and the summer retreat.
            o Implement student voter registration and mobilization efforts.
            o Assist in the development of learning outcomes and the assessment of those outcomes
               for student leadership training programs and report on progress toward training goals.
            o Coordinate the ASI elections process along with the Elections and Outreach
               Commissioner, Elections Committee, and University designated representatives.

  • Administrative Responsibilities

            o Demonstrate a thorough understanding of ASI’s philosophy and convey this to
               department colleagues, campus partners, program participants, and University guests
               through excellent written, verbal, and public communication skills.
            o Educate students on ASI’s policies, University policies, California Education Code and
               Title V of the State of California.
            o Oversee event budgets and ensure accurate filing of paperwork and fiscal elements of
               student programs.
            o Consult with students and staff, both within ASI and externally, to develop new or
               emerging programs that benefit the campus community and meet the strategic needs
               of ASI.
            o Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.
            o Assist with other programs, projects, and tasks of Associated Students, Inc. as needed
               and assigned.
            o Other duties as assigned.