Regularly Meets On: 

1st and 3rd week Monday, 12:15p-1:30p
*Please check meeting list to confirm times and locations

About Committee

Meeting Time/day: 1st and 3rd week Monday, 12:15p-1:30p

Chair: Veena Prabhu

Recording Secretary: Myda Cholakyan

Executive Secretary: Michelle Hawley

The Academic Advisement Subcommittee surveys all academic advisement activities and policies on campus and makes recommendations to the Educational Policy Committee. This subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee.

  • Considers and recommends on a continuing basis programs to enhance faculty academic advisement skills including particular skills needed for advising students of diverse cultural backgrounds in a manner which is free of personal bias.
  • Considers and recommends on a continuing basis activities and policies for the Academic Advisement Center.
  • Reviews periodically the academic advisement systems for each of the colleges and recommends modifications to the colleges and/or to the Educational Policy Committee as appropriate.
  • Examines periodically the standards and guidelines for faculty academic advisers.

A.S.I. Committee Goal and Expectations

  • Ensure that all approved advisor training programs take into account the needs of the student population of Cal State LA.
  • Reexamine the standards and guidelines of faculty academic advisors to ensure the efficiency and quality of academic advisement
  • Provide student opinion based input regarding the Academic Advisement Center
Last modified on June 6, 2023