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Welcome to the most exciting opportunity on campus! Your college adventure is already awesome, but we believe you're ready to take it to the next level with us at Associated Students, Inc., the University-Student Union and Academic Senate! This is your chance to gain invaluable skills and experience while making a positive impact that resonates across campus. You already have what it takes... Own it!

Proven Excellence
You're in college and made it this far—undeniable proof. Your academic progress showcases your capabilities. 

Proven Potential
Your journey speaks volumes about your abilities. 

Get into the Spotlight
Embrace the next stage of your life. You are a LEADER. 

Ignite Change
Be the force behind positive change within our campus community. 

Ready to elevate your college journey?  Apply now to uncover the amazing things your FULL potential can bring to you and your peers!


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Own It - Application
  • Own it as an ASI student leader – advocate for your peers, shape culture, and enhance education at Cal State LA and across the CSU system. Our student leaders own positive change, influencing decisions and making a lasting impact.

    If you're passionate about leadership and owning the university experience, join us! Apply today and be part of our inspiring journey where your voice and leadership truly matter.

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  • Interested in connecting with people who share your passion for leadership? Want to learn more about how to take ownership? Click the link below to explore upcoming events!
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