What is Shared Governance?

The purpose of Associated Students, Inc. is to ensure student input into the governance of the campus by providing an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed. Through the collective involvement of student government, the administration, and faculty, authentic shared governance can be realized.


Community Advocacy and Personal Growth?

Become a Student Representative and serve in A.S.I., the Academic Senate, or in Campus-wide University Committees to gain in-depth knowledge about academic, administrative, and campus policy at Cal State LA. Work side-by-side with facultya nd administrators, tackle specific issues and take part in creating solutions.


Join us and gain the following:

  • Professional Networking Opportunities

  • Resume & Portfolio Building

  • Leadership Development

  • Positively Impact and Influence the future of Cal State LA

  • Policy Writing & Analysis Experience

  • $25 Incentive per Committee Meeting

For information on requirements and how to apply go to Open Positions: https://asicalstatela.org/open-positions.