Currently facilitating leadership development that incorporates social change and justice, Marcus Rodriguez is a seasoned student affairs professional specializing in identity building and civic engagement. Developed curriculum focus: Meaning-making and the transformative experience of community.

The Director must act as the organization's Chief Government Affairs Officer and build relationships with individuals, agencies, coalitions, and special interest and advocacy organizations involved in public higher education policy; oversee communications, media relations, and publications regarding initiatives, campaigns and legislation priorities; manage the public official engagement program with lobbying and outreach efforts, business meetings, and educational policy sessions; develop plans of action to ensure policy and statutory victories at the local, state, and federal level; train student groups to effectively research, monitor, advocate, and organize around higher education policy issues; manage the e-advocacy systems to effectively encourage civic engagement and political participation; advise student leaders on policy oversight and development in the Academic Senate; develop advocacy strategies to ensure students share in the decision-making and governance of campus; manage the leadership development curriculum incorporating regional, national and international leadership trainings, service learning projects, workshops and retreats; lead grant writing efforts and funding/donation outreach in the public and private sectors; and interpret and instruct on the California Education Code and Title V of the State of California, while supporting policy development and implementation.