There are a total of twelve College Representatives. Two Representatives acting on behalf of each of the six Colleges, which include the College of Arts and Letters, College of Business and Economics, Charter College of Education, College of Engineering and Technology, College of Natural and Social Sciences and Health and Human Services.

As a team each representative acts as the liaison between the College they represent and ASI. In acting as the liaison, they search for the College issues that affect students, prioritize those issues, and present them to ASI for solution-oriented answers, which then lead to action. In addition to the larger issues, a College Representative must be available to deal with the individual needs and concerns of the students.

Overall, the College Representative is at the service of the College they represent; therefore, the position requires impartiality and openness.

  • Arwa Mohamed Hammad
    College of Arts and Letters Representative
  • Cindy Nguyen
    College of Natural and Social Sciences Representative
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  • Marlen Trigueros
    College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Representative
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