The purpose of Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) is to provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed within the Shared Governance of campus. True Shared Governance can only occur when student government, faculty, staff, and administrators work together to address and advise upon campus matters.

Shared Governance is Community Advocacy and Personal Growth.
Student representatives serving in ASI, the Academic Senate, or on University-wide Committees gain in-depth knowledge about academic, administrative, and campus policy at Cal State LA. Work side-by-side with faculty and administrators, tackle specific issues and take part in creating solutions to improve our university.

The Shared Governance Council, led by the ASI Vice President for Academic Governance and the ASI Academic Senators, plays an essential role in the exchange of information between University-wide Committees and College Specific Committees to ASI Representatives and general students. From classroom policy to student fees assessments, the Shared Governance Council seeks to address campus-wide issues in the best interest of Cal State LA students. All ASI meetings are open to the public. For meeting times and more information, click above.

Have an Issue? Bring It to the Council!

Are you experiencing issues with Cal State LA policy, programs, or services? Are there aspects of Cal State LA you'd like to see improved or changed? Visit the Shared Governance Council for a chance to discuss these issues with your student representatives or email the ASI Vice President for Academic Governance at With resources that the Council provides, you can learn more about how Cal State LA functions, and get further assistance from your student representatives.

Where Are Students Being Represented?

Refer for a complete list of active committees supporting student participation.

Student and Faculty Collaboration

The ASI Academic Senators (2 Graduate, 3 Undergraduate) represent student interests in the Academic Senate and work closely with Faculty Senators to plan and consider the development of academic policy. Most importantly, they vote on matters brought to the Academic Senate from its main committees and sub-committees. New policy and policy changes are then recommended to the University President for approval.

For more information about the Cal State LA Academic Senate, visit:

For more information about the ASI Academic Senators, visit:

Contact Your ASI Academic Senators

Have specific questions about an Academic Senate Committee? Your ASI Academic Senators can help.

Faculty & Staff Partnerships with ASI

Student voices are an important part of Shared Governance and a key element of an empowering framework that attempts to balance maximum participation in decision making with clear accountability. Join ASI in recruiting Student Representatives for the Cal State LA Academic Senate and campus-wide University Committees. Through the collective involvement of students, the administration, and faculty, authentic shared governance can be realized. With your continued support and partnership, student voices are amplified.



Are you interested in partnering with ASI on civic engagement and service learning opportunities for students? Are you part of a university committee that needs student participation? Are you seeking student input? Email at: