This Thursday, March 30, it is time for our Alumni Advocacy Event! We will also be supported by the CSU Alumni Council in our efforts, and this is an especially important time to reach out to our legislators after the tuition increase was approved.

Attached below are a few documents:

1. A list of all CSU alumni in the California State Legislature - they are listed by campus, with their Twitter handle, district office phone numbers, and Capitol office phone number. If your campus does not have alumni in the legislature, I provided suggestions of who to reach out to

2. A phone banking script - note that in the script, the middle section has an option of telling your own story or opting to use statistics (this might be an easier option for those who are uncomfortable with phone calls)

3. A social media script with some sample tweets and guidelines

Bonus points & bragging rights for anyone who can get their university gov relations or community members to help out!

If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! Good luck everyone, and let's make sure that we get California to Choose CSU.


Sarah Bentley
Advocacy Officer
California State Student Association
(C): (559) 410-2693 | (E):


Last modified on March 30, 2017