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Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 3:15pm to 5:45pm


Housing and Residential Life, Phase II Conference Room

I. Organizational Items

  • A. Call to Order
  • B. Public Comment

II. Information Items

III. Discussion Items

  • A. Why are we here?
  • B. Looking into possible options
  • C. Setting up the next meeting(s)
    • 1. Getting voting members on this Ad Hoc Committee

IV. Adjournment

Current Chair

Vice President for Finance
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As Needed

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About Committee

Alternative Funding & Referendum Ad Hoc Committee

The charge of this committee is to research, identify, and present viable recommendations and funding alternatives to the ASI Finance Committee for consideration. Approved initiatives shall be presented at the BOD for action. The alternatives can include but not be limited to fundraising, securing grants, sponsoring a referendum, etc. All alternative initiatives must be in compliance with ASI, Cal State L.A. University, CSU, Education Code, and Title 5 requirements.

Ad Hoc Committee Membership:

  • Finance Committee Chair (vote in a tie) - Aaron Castaneda
  • Three General Student Body Member (Non-A.S.I. Members) (vote)
  • Two Executive Officers (vote)
  • Two BOD Members (vote)
  • One A.S.I. Student Staff- Pending- (vote)
  • One representative from the Division of Student Life (non-voting)
    • Dr. Jennifer Miller
  • One representative from the Division of Administration and Finance (non-voting)
    • Ms. Mae Santos
  • ASI Staff (non-voting)
    • Intef W. Weser
    • Dena Florez
    • Marcus Rodriguez

For more information on the committee please contact Aaron Castaneda, VP for Finance at 323-343-4778 or .

Last modified on November 8, 2017

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