Date / Time: 

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 10:00am to 12:00pm


ASI Conference Room 203, U-SU

I. Organizational Items

A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call
C. Adoption of Agenda for February 21, 2020
D. Approval of the minutes for January 24, 2020
E. Approval of the minutes for February 7, 2020

II. Public Forum/Announcements

A. This time is allotted for the public to address the Board regarding items not included on the meeting agenda. Speaker cards are available for those wanting to speak on agenda items as listed below. Those comments will be heard as the item is introduced.

III. Informational Items

A. Earth week: The cabinet will be informed in upcoming event and find ways to assist environmental affairs commissioner.
B. Eagle-Chella: The cabinet will receive an update on the upcoming senior event.
C. ASI Elections Update: The cabinet will receive an update from Elections Commissioner about elections and upcoming events.

IV. Discussion Items

A. Housing QR Code Survey: The committee will discuss survey answers for housing residents.
B. Policy 017: The cabinet will review and discuss potential changes to the Cabinet of Commissioner code of procedure.
C. Tabling: The cabinet will discuss potential tabling schedules to promote ASI brand and events.
D. Student Engagement: The Cabinet will discuss ways to increase student engagement in ASI events.
E. Transition Folders: The Cabinet will discuss ways to start designing their transition folder.

V. Reports

A. ASI Vice President for Administration
B. ASI Spirit Commissioner
C. Environmental Affairs Commissioner
E. Housing and Residence Life Representative
F. Election and Outreach Commissioner
G. ASI PR & Marketing Commissioner
H. ASI Staff Support

VI. Adjournment

Current Chair

Brian Nguyen
Vice President for Administration
(323) 343-4785
Last modified on February 21, 2020

Regularly Meets On: 

Every Other Friday from 10 am - Noon

Standard Location: 

U-SU Board Room 303
*Please check meeting list to confirm times and locations

About Committee

The Cabinet of Commissioners (COC) consists of the Spirit, Environmental Affairs, Elections and Orientation, and Public Relations and Marketing Commissioners. Also included in the COC are the Housing and Residence Life Representative and the Veterans Affairs Representative. The COC coordinates, plans and is responsible for the activities of the administrative unit of ASI. In addition, the COC provides a number of social and educational programs for the Cal State LA community.

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