Raul Henderson Scholarship

Raul Henderson Spirit Scholarship

Application Deadline with essay is Friday, February 5, at 5 pm.

During his tenue at Cal State LA, Raul Henderson (1939-1999) was an advisor for student organizations, the ASI General Election, and the Cal State LA Homecoming Committee. Additionally, he served as the Commencement Organization Coordinator, assisted with numerous University events, and was a fixture on campus-wide planning committees.

Mr. Henderson was an active member of the Cal State LA community and an invaluable mentor to both students and staff. By assisting with the development of strategies and goals, he drove people to embrace their worth and to reach their full potential. His strong convictions inspired and he encouraged many a student to think about all the new possibilities higher education and campus involvement provided.

To commemorate his tireless work, and in celebration of the many years Henderson devoted to the Cal State LA community, the Raul Henderson Spirit Scholarship was created.

This year, four (4) $500 scholarships will be awarded. Three undergraduate students and one graduate student, who best exemplify Mr. Henderson's vision, spirit, and devoted energy to educationally meaningful activities, will be chosen to receive this honor. The applicants will be judged on scholastic achievement, Cal State LA contributions, community involvement, and a written essay.

Resume & Essay Requirement and Question:

  1. Be ready to upload your resume.
  2. The essay should be two pages in length (maximum), double- spaced.
    Based on your campus and community involvement history, please describe the impact you feel you have made at Cal State LA and/or in the community. How have you been motivated or have motivated and inspired others through your efforts?


Applicant Criteria

  • Current Cal State LA student (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Cal State LA Grade Point Average (GPA) Minimum - 3.0 (undergraduate) | 3.5 (graduate)
  • At least part-time student status in Spring Semester 2021.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain all the above listed criteria in the semester they are awarded.

We are pleased to share this wonderful opportunity and invite students to submit their application before the February 5, 2021 deadline.

Raul Henderson Application


For more information, please contact:
Dena Florez, ASI Office Manager Administration and Services at: