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About Committee

Chair: Sharon Ulanoff

Executive Secretary: Jason Shiotsugu

The Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects reviews proposed biomedical and behavioral research projects involving human subjects in order to protect their rights, in compliance with federal regulations. Both funded and unfunded research projects, whether they are conducted by faculty, staff or students of the University, or by researchers not affiliated with the University but whose research involves campus personnel, shall be subject to review, except those unfunded projects for which adequate review procedures exist within a department/division/school. This review must determine whether the subjects will be placed at risk and, if risk is involved, whether:

The risks to the subject are so outweighed by the sum of the benefit to the subject and the importance of the knowledge to be gained as to warrant the committee's decision to allow the subject to accept the risks.
The rights and welfare of any such subjects will be adequately protected.
Legally effective informed consent will be obtained by adequate and appropriate methods.

Where the committee finds risk is involved and an activity is approved, the committee must review the conduct of the activity at timely intervals.

Committee Goals and Expectations

  • Ensure that University policies regarding research with human subjects remain consistent with state and federal regulations
  • Ensure that University funding does not go towards research that places subjects at a considerable risk
  • Create strict policies regarding the use of human subjects so as to minimize risk and protect the rights of subjects
Last modified on August 22, 2023