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About Committee

Chair: TBD

Membership: Three Representatives, all of different majors that alternate upon request

The Student Grievance Committee enables students to seek redress for complaints or grievances (referred to as "grievances") that allegedly resulted in injury to the student. A grievance arises from any alleged unauthorized or unjustified act or decision by a member of the faculty, staff, and/or management employee which adversely affects the status, rights, or privileges of a student.

The Committee, through its panel, will conduct grievance hearings, deliberate, and issue findings of fact and recommendations for action fairly and expeditiously.

The committee shall consist of nine members, each serving a one-year term commencing on July 1. Three members shall be students, three members shall be unit three faculty, and three members shall be staff employees.

A.S.I. Goals and Expectations

  • Provide student representation in all cases being brought to the committee
  • Provide justification for all decisions pertaining to student cases
  • Provide accountability for all decisions and actions taken
  • Ensure that justice balances both faculty and student perspective
Last modified on September 29, 2017