About Committee

Authority and Function

Section 1 - Authority

These codes shall act as the governing procedures for the Funding Sub-committee, a sub-committee of the Finance Committee, hereafter referred to as the Funding Committee.

  • A. This committee is only granted the Authority for Allocations. This sole authority of taking action on funding proposals is referenced in Article IV, Section 1, of the Finance Committee Code of Procedure - Policy 201.
  • B. As is the nature of a sub-committee; the Finance Committee, and ultimately the Board of Directors (B.O.D.), have the power to reverse or change any action, or supplement for any lack of action, taken in this committee.

Section 2 - Function

It shall be the purpose and function of the Funding Committee to:

  • A. Act as the first step in a multi-level approval process in requests for appropriation of Associated Students, Inc. (A.S.I.) funds in accordance with these Codes, the A.S.I. Administrative Manual, and the A.S.I. Bylaws.
  • B. Maintain a transparent and efficient funding process for the distribution of A.S.I. funds.
Last modified on July 3, 2017

Committee Members

  • Lily Nguyen
    A.S.I. Funding Sub-Committee - Board Committee Member
  • David Zitser
    A.S.I. President
  • Joshua Salazar
    Campus Affairs Representative-at-Large
  • Intef W. Weser
    Executive Director
  • Dena Florez
    Office Manager of Administration & Services
  • Elias Ortega
    Vice Chair for Finance
  • Aaron
    Vice President for Finance